Are you managing your stress effectively? – Supersticks

Are you managing your stress effectively?

It's no secret that we are all stressed in this modern age; with the rise of social media, hectic schedules and increasing pressures, is it any wonder?

It's thought that stress only has mental side affects, however, it also affects you physically! Headaches, snappiness and muscle tension are just a few of the physical symptoms of stress. 

One way to effectively handle stress is with the Stress Squishy. It's pocket sized shape means it can be taken anywhere, so matter where you are, you have your stress reliever to take away the edge.

We all know that the commute to work is strenuous - all that traffic and road rage. The CarSmart Humidifier turns your car into a spa with your favourite essential oils. The humidifier will mist the soothing scents into your car and feel yourself starting to relax. Before you know it, you'll actually look forward to the commute!

Finally, is there any better way to destress than with a cuppa? The Self Stirri mug eliminates the need to use a spoon when making your brew. Not only saving you from the effort, but also the washing up. Double winner! Perfect for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sit back and relax with a film and your self stirring mug.

Adding these three items to your life are a sure way to help reduce stress. Get ready to relax...