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Gadgets That Are Great For Guys

Do you want to earn yourself some brownie points by doing those laborious jobs your other half has been nagging you about for months? We have all the items you'll need. You can thank us later...

Never hear the phrase, 'What a snowflake' in the same way again after using our 18-in-1 Multi Snowflake Tool. Made from stainless steel, the snowflake has multiple screw driver heads; allen keys; even a bottle opener! Perfect for all of your needs.

Any guy who likes DIY needs a Contour Gauge Profile Copy Tool in their kit. It makes carpentry and joinery so much more easy and speedy! Designed specifically not to rust with durable ABS plastic, do an accurate job every time.  

Last but not least, who says that cleaning has to just be for women when the 3PC Power Scrubber Kit is available! The three different sized brushes mean that every surface can be targeted - who can say no to a clean and pristine house?


We told you you'd need to thank us!