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Practical And Fun Gifts For Kids

Sometimes it can be so hard to keep your little munchkins happy (and quiet!) Do your kids have a birthday coming up? Or a long car journey you need to keep them entertained for?

We have a selection of fun, novelty gifts that are just perfect for keeping those little ones happy. Need a fun gift that can also be functional? If you struggle to get your child up in a morning for school, why not make waking up a bit more fun? The Runaway Alarm Clock is a refreshing take on an alarm clock, attached with wheels that enable it to become mobile! Your child will have to get out of bed if they want to turn it off (and in that lies the challenge).

 Keep them entertained for hours with this fun, novelty gadget: the Bubble Fart Blower is great for all thew family and promises hours of fun. Simple and cheeky, this gift is guaranteed to bring the giggles.

Is bedtime looming? Keep your kiddies snug with the Full Body Blanket With Sleeves. The design allows you wear your blanket! Full-sized and cosy, it even has a pouch pocket for you to carry things around whilst staying warm.

Bring a smile to your little one's face with these practical yet entertaining gifts!