How To Get Your Feet Summer Ready – Supersticks

How To Get Your Feet Summer Ready

With all this warm weather it has been tempting to bring the sandals out of the back of your wardrobe, but then you remember, my feet aren't summer ready! Who can blame you when it's this early in the year. Never find yourself in that sort of dilemma again with the products we have for you.

Start off by giving your feet a spa-like treatment with the Detox Foot Pads. With all natural ingredients - including tourmaline, vitamin C and chitosan - the patches work their magic while you sleep! Wake up not only feeling refreshed, but looking it too. 

Now that your feet are all clean, it's time to keep them that way. The Barefoot Stick On Feet Soles are multi-functional: safe, hygienic, durable and waterproof as well as maintaining the cleanliness of your feet! Simply stick them to clean, dry feet and off you go. 

Finally, for all of those short friends out there, we have the Invisible Height Increasing Insoles. Perfect for an extra bit of oomph, they are discreet enough for no one to know that you're wearing them! 

Never be embarrassed about your feet again!