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How To Prepare For A First Date

Got the first-date jitters? From choosing your outfit, to talking the talk, getting ready for a first meeting can take its toll on any girl.

Trust us, we've got three handy items that'll help you prep for your first date like a pro and have him wondering how soon he can text you without looking too keen...

It's the morning of your dinner date and you've discovered you're growing a mini moustache. But no need to call up the salon in a mad panic - instead of booking in for a dreaded hot wax, this Facial Hair Remover is an easy, quick and pain-free way to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

You've chosen your outfit, you've done your make-up, now it's time to tackle your unruly, hard-to-tame hair. With this Ionic-Smooth Hair Brush - created to eliminate frizz - your hair feels softer, looks healthier and oozes shine. 

The conversation's effortless, the drinks are flowing and he's definitely your type on paper. While he pops off to the bar for yet another round of espresso martinis, slip out your LED Mirror to check that your lippy has stayed intact...