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How To Survive Life In A Shared House

You're about to move out of your parent's gaff and into shared accommodation. The reality of sharing a bathroom and a kitchen with complete strangers is starting to sink in... 

As financially advantageous as house shares can be, there's no doubt that there are some serious downsides to living with people you don't really know. Yep, we've all had a flatmate who thinks that teabags can fit down the sink... FYI they really won't. 

If you're moving out of home for the first time, you're going to need these useful tips to see you through the next few months...

Have a house cleaning day!

Ok - it might not sound that fun, but every once in a while, get together with your housemates and dedicate a few hours to blitzing your way through the mess you call home - whack on some Madonna and power through.

To make your house cleaning that bit more exciting, just slip on a pair of these dual-purpose Mop Slippers. By just walking around the house (or dancing to Like a Virgin) your floors will be sparkling clean and your feet will be cosy too.

Cook together

We're not saying eat with your housemates every night, but once in a while you might enjoy cooking as a household. 'It might be more cost effective', I hear you cry, 'but what about all that washing up?'...

Well, we've got just the thing. These 2-in-1 quick and easy Magic Dish Gloves save you having to scrub your pots with dish gloves and a (grubby) sponge ever again.