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In Flight Necessities For A Relaxing Journey

The world is split into two kinds of people: those who like flying and those who have a tight, sweaty grip on the arm rests and breath deeply into the sick bag. Whichever way you fall, we have some items that are essential for a peaceful flight. 

We all know that comfort is key on a flight and the Smart Pillow is the item you need for ultimate cosiness! Not only is it compact and light-weight - making it ideal for your carry-on - but it can be adjusted to your own perfect comfort. 

The next thing to do is to take your mind off the fact that you are on a plane; what better way to do that than with the Phone Screen Magnifier. Compatible with all smart phones, simply start to play your film/ TV show of choice, slide it behind the magnifying screen and watch it expand. 

You can't watch something without headphones (unless your aim is to annoy the entire plane) and without the Airpod Hooks you won't be making the most of your cinematic experience. The hooks help your headphones to stay firmly in place - no more fidgeting!

Have the best flight of your life - even if you are already a lover of flying.