Mission: Clear Skin – Supersticks

Mission: Clear Skin

There's nothing quite like a bad skin day. You feel self-conscious, awkward and embarrassed. It's the ultimate worst! We have the secrets to never having to feel that way again - get your notebook at the ready...

It's best to start from the root of the problem, AKA your pores. Our Blackhead Remover & Pore Suction Machine is a quick-fix solution to a long term problem. The various head options mean that every square inch of your face can be targeted and zapped!

Get some self-care with a face mask BUT keep it hygienic with the 2 in 1 Face Mask and Foundation Brush. The soft, flexible bristles can get into all of the the facial contours and are also easily washable to maintain cleanliness. 

Finally, we have the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Set. You will be shocked to see just how much dirt - AKA bacteria - comes out of your make up brushes! Washing them weekly helps to prevent a build up of clogged pores.

Say hello to clear skin!