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The Key To The Perfect Night's Sleep

There's nothing worse than those long restless nights where we just can't get comfortable and sleep refuses to come. It doesn't matter how many sheep we count or how still we lie, our brains are buzzing away with endless thoughts that keep us wide awake. Cut to the next morning where we feel groggy and our muscles are aching from sleeping in awkward positions. Great!

Well, when a nightcap isn't enough, we have some alternative snooze-inducing products at the ready!

Sometimes we head to bed with a few aches and pains after a long hard day. What better way to unwind for the night than to grab your trusty hot water bottle? Only this is no regular hot water bottle. This bottle is fun-sized. You can wrap it around yourself (partners are redundant!)

If you find yourself struggling from back pain or other types of muscle/joint ache, why not try out our Memory Foam Pain Relief Pillow? This ultra-comfortable pillow can be used for pregnant women, post-surgery patients or anyone who needs that little bit extra support. 



Have a bit of a snoring problem? Or a partner who keeps you up at night? We could have the answer to your prayers with our Snore Catcher. Made of ABS and silcone, this compact device can be placed into the nose and opens up the nasal cavity, making breathing easier and clearer!

It's all well and good getting in those eight hours of snoozing but how good are you at getting up in a morning? Sometimes regular alarms don't do the trick (we love our beds far too much) and that's where the Runaway Alarm Clock comes in.  This crazy clock is attached with wheels and takes on a life of its own - you will have to get up to turn it off as time will actually run away from you!

Make every night a sweet dream with these night-time essentials!