The Perfect Essentials For a Spring Clean – Supersticks

The Perfect Essentials For a Spring Clean

It seems like Spring is finally here, hurrah! Is there anything better than a Spring clean? Yes, actually, there is, having the right tools to ensure that you time isn't wasted and that your job is done well. Thankfully, we have some products that are perfect for the job.

Firstly, we have the Magic Dish Gloves. Not only are they brilliant for washing up, they can also be used for cleaning the bathroom and other rooms. The silicone material makes them comfortable and effective at a deep clean.

Now that the surfaces are spick and span, it's time to sort out those floors! These Mop Slippers are genius (even if we do say so ourselves). Simply pop on, do a little dance to clean away the mess and wash! Who knew that mopping could be so fun and easy?

We all get those stubborn stains that need some extra oomph! The Power Scrubber Kit will soon become your cleaning BFF. The kit has three different sized brushes to get through the grime of any surface. Simply attach to your drill and clean to your heart's desire!

With these products, you'll never have been more excited for a Spring clean.