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The Secrets To Hosting The Perfect Dinner Party

Your BFFs and their respective partners are coming over for dinner - you're dying to impress each and every one of them (don't worry - shamelessly inflicting serious jealously is a normal desire for most dinner party hosts). But where do you start? 

Hosting a dinner party isn't just about crafting the perfect menu, it's about creating the right ambience, bringing the best entertainment and expertly arranging your tableware - it's not an easy ride. Here's how to give Nigella a run for her money...

Step 1. Spring clean

Having any guest round can induce the kind of anxiety that leaves you seriously considering calling up Kim and Aggie to get their mopping brushes out one last time just to give you a helping hand.

But panic not, we've got just the thing...

Whistle while you work as you glide around the house in these highly absorbing, yet ultra-soft Mop Slippers, designed to dust your floors while keeping you cosy.


Step 2. Set the mood

There's nothing more relaxing than the flickering flame of a burning candle. So, switch on your LED Realistic Flame Lamp and add a quiet, chilled-out ambience to your dinner party. 

Step 3. Prep your food like a pro

The secret to preparing food quickly and efficiently is a sharp knife. That's when this slick Kitchen Knife Sharpener steps in. Slicing has never been so simple!

Step 4. Clearing up

Your guests have gone home and, let's face it, your smoked mackerel paté starter went down a treat. Now it's time to do the millions of dishes stacked up in your sink. Great.

But don't worry, these Magic Dish Gloves have got your back! You don't have to use your dish gloves and your sponge ever again... these 2-in-1 gloves do both!