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The Ultimate Handbag Essentials

Where would a girl be without her trusty handbag? Makeup, accessories, purse, phone...the essentials need to be with us at all times! When you're packing your handbag, we have a selection of must-haves to include on your next day out.

Need to give your hair a touch-up? We have the perfect hairbrush for you! This compact Ionic-Smooth Hair Brush is the perfect portable comb that will transform your knotty wind-swept hair into smooth, lustrous locks.

How annoying is it when you pull a hair bobble out (and yank a chunk of hair in the process?) Ouch! With these no kinks, damage defensive Invisible Hair Bobbles you won't need to worry about those tangles and split ends. Having a hair disaster? Whip out your invisible bobble and the difference is extraordinary!

Need to fix up your makeup? When we're on the way to that important meeting or social event, we want to look our best! With the compact LED Mirror, you can make sure you look fabulous everywhere you go. Portable, foldable and illuminating, this mirror goes on the list of handbag essentials.

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