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What You Need For The Perfect Date Night

You meet someone, sparks fly and you trade in mobile numbers. After some flirty banter via text (OMG you love Luther too!?) and a couple of successful meetings, you set a day for your fourth date.

Things are getting serious quickly and you've decided to cook him your signature spicy sausage ragu. But it's not just the meal you've got to prepare for - it's nailing that sexy-but-not-tried-too-hard outfit, it's perfecting the romantic ambience and choosing a bottle of red that says you're classy but not showy.

Trust us, it's not easy.

So, what should be on your date prep checklist?

You want to look sexy but feel comfy, right? First up are these Super Elastic Women's Pantyhose will flatter your hips, secured by an elastic waistband for maximum comfort. Smooth? Check. Sleek? Check. Sexy? Check. 

You want your potential new flame (pun intended) to feel at home and since there's nothing more relaxing that the flickering of a burning candle, this LED Realistic Flame Lamp is the perfect way to curb those fourth date nerves and set the romantic tone...


The date's done and dusted, your spicy sausage ragu has gone down a treat and the wine is almost finished. Not wanting to waste the remainder of your classy-but-not-showy bottle of red? Stick on this Wine Combination Lock to keep your drink fresh and thief-free until your next rendezvous...