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Facial Hair Remover
Facial Hair Remover

Facial Hair Remover

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Forget painful waxing strips; chemical-fuelled hair removal creams; and expensive salon treatments - when it's time to get rid of pesky facial hair, do it all in one, swift movement with the Facial Hair Remover Tool.

Providing salon-style treatment in the comfort of your own home, simply bend the easy-to-use removal tool into an inverted 'U', before placing it against the hairs you're ready to let go off. In a final goodbye, twist the sticks in opposite directions and remove the hairs in one fell swoop.  


  • Mess-free
  • Simple, safe and effective


Can you remove all facial hair with the remover?

Hair on the forehead, cheeks, cupid's bow and chin can be removed by the tool; we recommend to avoid using the remover on the eyebrows.

Is it completely pain-free?

You'll feel a plucking sensation as the unique tool catches the hair and removes it from the root.