Detox Foot Pads - Pack Of 10 – Supersticks
Detox Foot Pads - Pack Of 10
Detox Foot Pads - Pack Of 10

Detox Foot Pads - Pack Of 10

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Gone are the days of herbal teas; time-consuming face masks; and expensive spa treatments - when you’re in need of some serious detox therapy, do it all in one relaxing swoop with these Detox Foot Pads.

Promoting blood circulation; removing toxins; and relieving stress on the joints has never been so simple. Just stick on a pair of the multi-functional Ginger Patches, put your feet up and let the essential oils do the work.

The best bit? The blend of detoxifying ingredients work their magic while you sleep. No fuss needed.


- All natural ingredients: bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, vitamin C, chitosan

- 3 years shelf life

- Comprised of 10 pieces