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Egg Sitter Cushion
Egg Sitter Cushion
Egg Sitter Cushion

Egg Sitter Cushion

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Do you find yourself waking up every morning wincing at the stabbing pain of a stiff back? Sitting down all day on an uncomfortable chair can do serious damage to our posture and health in the long term. Say goodbye to pain and hello to luxurious comfort with this durable, pressure-relieving Egg Sitter Cushion! Designed with super strong elasticore material, this cushion is designed to provide comfortable seating whether that be at the office, the dinner table or out on a drive! 

  • Comfortable seating and back support
  • Honeycomb design absorbs pressure by collapsing in on itself
  • Elasticore material allows air to circulate
  • Strong and durable


Will the Egg Sitter Cushion change shape and/or flatten?

The Egg Sitter Cushion has a honeycomb design which allows a redistribution of weight and pressure by collapsing in on itself all the while retaining its firm shape and ensuring full support.

Can the Egg Sitter Cushion overheat?

Due to its elasticore material, the Egg Sitter Cushion will stay cool and fresh as cool air is allowed to circulate through the material.

How will the Egg Sitter Cushion improve the pressure on my backside and spine?

The Egg Sitter Cushion is specially designed to target those pressure points and provide maximum comfort with its strong and flexible shape.