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Food Huggies
Food Huggies
Food Huggies
Food Huggies
Food Huggies
Food Huggies

Food Huggies

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The importance of reusing and recycling is common knowledge in our modern world. And who knew that cling-film and tin-foil were so bad for the environment! They are hard to recycle; making it releases greenhouse gases into the air; and it's expensive to keep buying! Save money and the environment with Food Huggies.

Each pack has four varied shape huggies to meet all of your needs. They are made from a food-safe silicone gel that stretches to different shaped fruits, vegetables as well as jars and tins. Simply push and go! Your food will be fresher for longer and it means less waste. You'll be recommending them to everyone!

  • Food-safe silicone gel material
  • Less waste and maintains freshness
  • 4-piece set
  • Can also be used on jars and tins
  • Environmentally friendly



How do they work?

Simply push your food of choice into the Food Huggie!

Are they dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Food Huggies are dishwasher friendly.

Can you use them in the freezer?

The Food Huggies are freezer safe.