Foot and Hand Warmer Heating Cushion – Supersticks
Foot and Hand Warmer Heating Cushion
Foot and Hand Warmer Heating Cushion

Foot and Hand Warmer Heating Cushion

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As the evening draws in and you start to feel the chill - there's only one thing for it...                                                                                                                              
Designed to fit snugly around your cold hands and feet, the Heating Cushion - made from super-soft fabric- heats up quickly to provide your fingers and toes with winter-proof warmth and comfort.
Helping you to feel ultra-cosy; soothing your aches; and reducing your stress levels - the Heating Cushion is also washable, enabling you to keep it extra fresh with repeated use.                                                                                                      
Sound too good to be true? Just plug it in, kick back on the sofa (thanks to its long power line) and snuggle up. We're already feeling cosy.                                                           
  • Washable design
  • Multiple leakage preventative
  • 24W energy saving
How do I wash the Cushion?
We recommend washing the cushion but removing the electrical device and hand-washing the material.
Does the Heating Cushion have different settings?
Yes, you can choose from seven heating levels.
What is the Cushion made from?
It is made for a super-soft synthetic fiber.