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Hands-Free Stirrer
Hands-Free Stirrer

Hands-Free Stirrer

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Ever feel like you haven't got enough hands in the kitchen? 

Well - bringing technology to your kitchen - this Hands-Free Stirrer is expertly designed with your convenience in mind.

Fuss-free, time-saving and efficient: Whether you're browning onions or frying vegetables, the self-stirring utensil will mix your food so you don't have to; helping you to deliver fuss-free meals (without the achy arm!). 

  • Three different speeds; change by pressing the button.
  • Heat and non-stick pan safe.


Does it need batteries?

Yes, the Hands-Free Stirrer requires 4 X AA batteries (not included).

How long will it stir my food for?

The stirrer mixes your food for up for four hours.

What foods can I stir with the utensil?

You can stir all kinds of foods, working most effectively with custards, sauces and soups.

How do I wash the Stirrer?

The legs of the utensil can be washed in the dishwasher, while the battery unit should be hand-washed.