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Pet Grooming Magic Brush
Pet Grooming Magic Brush
Pet Grooming Magic Brush

Pet Grooming Magic Brush

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Let's be honest, we love our pets. However, when it comes to grooming... well, it can become quite the chore. Especially if your pet is on the furrier side of things.
That is why we recommend you start using the Pet Grooming Magic Brush immediately. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but the special structure and shape of the bristles also allow for efficient and gentle grooming while offering a massaging effect at the same time. Not to mention, it is also the perfect tool for wet grooming!
The Pet Grooming Magic Brush:
  • CAN BE USED AS A BATH BRUSH: Bathe the pets with this glove, which will allow you to brush away dirt. 
  • HAIR REMOVER: The shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away.
  • MADE FROM HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The Pet Grooming Gloves will stand the test of time keeping your pets happier for longer.
  • CLEAN AND TIDY = NO MESS: While using the comb, it can promote the blood circulation of the pet and make the dog more comfortable.


Is it only for dogs and cats?

No, the brush can be used on a variety of animals - even large ones like horses!

What kind of hair and fur does the brush work best on?

Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, or any other furry friend that needs to be brushed, this pet grooming magic brush can work its magic. Brush frequently and you will not only see great changes in the hair or fur, but you'll build a wonderful, nurturing bond.

How do I clean my brush?

The flexibility of our patented bristles makes cleaning as simple as brushing. Hair and fur lift right out and the brush washes in seconds. Just use some dish detergent or your pet's shampoo (especially if they have sensitive skin) and your brush will be perfectly clean.
How often should I groom my dog?
MEDIUM & LONG-HAIRED DOGS: Groom daily, especially during the spring and summer when shedding takes place the most.
SHORT-HAIRED DOGS: Brush every two to three days for a healthy and shiny coat.
How often should I groom my cat?
SHORT-HAIRED CATS: It's a good idea to brush your short-haired cat at least a few times a week. 
LONG-HAIRED CATS: Regular (ideally daily) grooming is important to keep knots at bay and remove dirt and debris, as well as work essential skin oils through your cat's coat.