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Pet Seatbelt
Pet Seatbelt
Pet Seatbelt
Pet Seatbelt
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Pet Seatbelt

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Strong, safe and secure: the Pet Seatbelt has been designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for your dog or cat during car journeys.

The Seatbelt can be quickly and easily secured by attaching it to your car's seat belt, enabling your pet to remain comfortable and safe as you drive. Not only does the adjustable belt keep your pooch protected, it also restrains your furry friend, preventing you from being distracted during your journey.

  • Adjustable length
  • Comfortable, ergonomic fit
  • Your pet can sit, lay or stand freely yet safely in car
  • Easy to use


Will it fit my dog?

The Seatbelt's adjustable length allows it to be modified depending on your dog's size. 

What is it made from?

The belt is created from high quality, nylon fabric.

How does it work?

The belt clips onto your pet's collar, while its other end slots into the seat's plug, restraining your dog comfortably and safely.