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Sphynx Portable Razor
Sphynx Portable Razor
Sphynx Portable Razor
Sphynx Portable Razor
Sphynx Portable Razor
Sphynx Portable Razor
Sphynx Portable Razor

Sphynx Portable Razor

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You're on your way to an important meeting and as soon as you seat yourself down for a relaxing train journey, you realise you forgot one small thing... 

...to tame the wilderness that resides on your legs!

What can I do now? Before you panic, what if we provided you with a quick and simple solution? This portable travel razor is ideal for shaving on the go when you're tight for time and need a quick touch-up! With this compact device you get a 3-in-1 deal as it is specially fitted with a refillable water compartment, pre-shaving moisturising bar and two razor blades. Quick and convenient, simply spray water onto the skin using the water spritzer, proceed to lather the skin using the pre-shave moisturiser and you're ready to get that skin silky smooth!

    • Portable travel razor lets you shave on the go and perfect for quick touch-ups.
    • Compact and discreet shape
    • 3-in-1 - refillable water, pre-shave moisturising bar and two individual razor blades
    • Can be carried in any bag, purse, carry-on or glove compartment.
    • Airport-friendly (domestic and international)


Can I replace the razor blades and pre-shave bar?

Yes, you are able to replace blades and your pre-shave bar with a Refill Pack when you’re ready to swap them out of your Sphynx; available at major retail stores.

Can the razor be used to shave completely or just touch-up legs?

Ideally you will use the razor for touch-ups but shaving fully is doable with the appropriate amount of water and moisturizer.

Is it cruelty free?

Yes! Sphynx is cruelty free.

What ingredients are in the shave bar?

The shave bar contains shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil - doubling as a moisturizer.