QuickFlow Sink Unblocker – Supersticks
QuickFlow Sink Unblocker
QuickFlow Sink Unblocker
QuickFlow Sink Unblocker

QuickFlow Sink Unblocker

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Why waste your hard earned money on products that claim they can work miracles, when this product will do it for you in seconds… with visible results!

The quickflow sink unblocker is specifically designed with stiff bristles to effectively collect and remove clogged-up hair; all you have to do is insert the tool into the designated area and pull!

You’ll never have seen your sink so spick and span.

  • Voted the most effective product on Daily Feed store 2018.
  • Simple to use


    How exactly do you use it?

    It’s super simple - place the stick into the plug, force it up and down for a few seconds and then pull it out.

    How do you clean it?

    Leave in a bowl of hot water, the hair should start to separate and then easily pull away from the product. It's simple.

    Can I use it more than once?

    Yes, after you've cleaned it, the product can be re-used to remove more clogged-up hair.