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Are you looking for a safe and durable way to lock your fridge when needed?

Perfect for baby-proofing your home or as an effective way to prevent young children from gaining access to your fridge, this maximum strength adhesive lock means you can protect your refrigerator items from getting into the wrong hands.

This high-quality lock is suitable for either private or commercial requirements should you need to protect sensitive products on your business premises. And it comes with completely hassle-free installation

  • Suitable for both fridge and freezer doors
  • Unbreakable locking mechanism – even when using industrial tools, offering maximum security and protection
  • One size fits all – for ease of use!
  • Choice of black or grey cable


Is this lock suitable for glass doors?

This product uses a high strength adhesive, suitable for any clean surface. With glass, as always, extra care is needed – but the adhesive will bond to glass, too.

Can this lock be taken off at a later date?

Once installed, this lock cannot be removed due to its high strength. Due to the nature of the product, it’s impossible to be removed in order to offer maximum protection.  

Can this also be used on cabinets or drawers?

Yes, this product can easily be installed on alternative surfaces.