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Runaway Alarm Clock
Runaway Alarm Clock

Runaway Alarm Clock

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Ever felt like time was running away from you? Well, now it very literally can!

Fitted with a pair of wheels, this crazy clock can take on a life of its own, rolling and bumping around until you are forced to get up! This is no regular alarm, this Clock is guaranteed to have you up and rearing to go. Suitable for even the heaviest of sleepers...

  • Customise your own snooze time
  • Wheels can be switched off at any time
  • LED screen
  • Digital


How does it work?

Simple and easy to use, the Runaway Alarm Clock works as a regular clock (but with a twist!). Simply customise your alarm settings to how you want them and this clock is ready to go!

Is it battery-powered?

Yes, the Runaway Alarm Clock will require 2XAAA batteries (not included).