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Spine Alignment Pillow
Spine Alignment Pillow
Spine Alignment Pillow
Spine Alignment Pillow
Spine Alignment Pillow

Spine Alignment Pillow

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Sleeping and relaxing are two of the greatest pleasures we have in life - not to mention they're both vital to our health and wellbeing - which is why when it's ruined by neck pain it can be highly frustrating. 

Well, the Spine Alignment pillow is here to make sure you never find yourself resting while in pain again! How? It helps by gently cradling the neck and removing the pressure and weight of the head while correcting spine alignment - not to mention, it is incredibly comfortable. 

Benefits of the Spine Alignment Pillow:

- Soothe Your Pain: Neck Tension pain from issues such as Pinched Nerves, Herniated Discs, Poor Spine Alignment, Compressed Discs, Headaches, & Jaw Joint Pain causes a lot of discomforts.

- Lightweight, Safe, Portable and Sturdy device, the perfect home treatment for everyone with neck pain, using The Chiropractic Neck Pillow 15 minutes a day reduces the tension on your neck and can be more effective than an entire chiropractic session.

- Helps Spine Alignment, reduces the weight of the head and resets the spine in a neutral natural setting which helps posture and lower back muscles.

- Provides Neck Support while sitting up in bed reading or watching tv, use it while working on the computer at work or even while driving - wherever you need relief from pain.


Does the neck support have a variable height? If not, how high is it?

No, it doesn't have a height adjustment, it supports the neck in a comfortable position when used. It is approximately 6 inches high but is shaped to support the neck so that part is about 3 inches off the floor.

Is it hard or soft?

The pillow is made from a soft foam.

Is it good for side sleepers?

Yes, it is comfortable for side sleepers as it still keeps the neck in alignment.

Does it help to prevent or decrease snoring?

It has been known to help decrease snoring however we cannot guarantee that it would do the same for every customer.