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Super Strong USB Cable
Super Strong USB Cable
Super Strong USB Cable

Super Strong USB Cable

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How many USB cables do we end up destroying every year? Poor design and unintentional stretching can result in us having to delve into our purses time and time again to find a replacement.

The Super Strong USB cable is made of high-tensile, nylon fibers that make it extremely durable and it is also waterproof. You can put this cord through life's daily stresses and be safe from premature breakage. In addition, the USB Cable allows for super fast charging and is suitable for most smartphones.

    • Fast Charging
    • Designed at a 90 degree angle for double protection against stretching and damage
    • More comfortable hold - can charge and play at the same time
    • LED indicator
    • Connection make of copper wire, covered with nylon for super durability and protection of the wire
    • High-quality four-core copper wires enhance charging & data transfer speed of the cables.
    • Reversable charge design


Is the USB cable suitable for all phones?

The USB Cable is suitable for Blackberry, LG, Palm, Toshiba, Samsung, Apple iPhones, HTC, Nokia, Sony and Motorola.